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3 Tips to Spice Up Your Room


Spicing up your room is important to do every so often. You may love the color scheme but are bored with the furniture. Or you may need help taking your basic room to the next level.

1- Add a Statement Piece.

A statement piece is an item large enough to draw attention upon entering the room, but also blends well with the other decor. This item can be a chair or perhaps an ottoman. The color of the statement piece sets the tone. For example, it could be beige or gray to represent your neutral color (learn about neutral colors). Or it can be a bold color like yellow; that embodies your desired accent color.

2- Throw on some Patterns.

Patterns can be added in the form of a throw blanket, curtains or better yet- some throw pillows. This is the quickest way to add layers of design while keeping it simple. Pillows come in many different colors, textures and patterns; but be sure not to over do it by mixing too many design types. (Browse Throw Pillows)

3- Add amazing Lighting.

Lighting is everything and can make or break your room! To add the perfect lighting you must first determine the balance of your room. Decide whether a floor lamp, table lamp, ceiling lamp or wall sconce would be most advantageous. Then decide what vibe you are going for. Do you want an industrial look, artsy look or perhaps elegant and chic? Knowing this at the beginning will make your shopping easier and more streamlined.

Spicing up your room or designing it from scratch can be an overwhelming process... so remember we are here to help! We offer full service interior design, as well as custom furniture. We are a one-stop shop to satisfy all your design needs; just give us a call.

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