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All About Rugs Part II: Selecting the Right Size


An important aspect to consider when shopping for a rug is the size. This will in turn influence the type of you rug you select whether it be hand knotted, hand tufted, flat weave or shag rug (see our last blog post!). The size can make a significant difference in price and you'll want to make sure you select a size that will sit well in a space.

First decide what the room will be used for and the look you want to achieve. Do you want to make a bold statement with color? If so, then you want to choose a large colorful rug to fill the room. Anything too small will be drowned out and will not have the dramatic effect you're looking for. If you're going for comfort, then you should focus on plush options where people are going to put their feet. Furthermore, you don't want to include a rug with a high pile for eating areas or high-traffic zones as they will collect dirt or food particles deep within the fibers. Synthetic fibers are much better options as they are easy to clean and take care of.

An important rule to remember is that a rug should not extend from wall to wall. This truncates the space and makes it feel closed in. It will also hide any beautiful flooring you may want to show off. You can simply ground a few furniture legs on top of the rug, the entire piece does not need to sit on it. Here are some examples below:

If you have a large room that feels overwhelming, then a large rug is a good option to cozy it up and divide the space visually. Here is an example of some arrangements that would work for a concept like this. 

The bedroom is another great place for a rug. The traditional way to place a rug is from the front of the bed to the foot. However, try experimenting with pulling the rug out a quarter of the way down the bed so that you now have room to place a bench or chairs at the foot. If you have a larger room, this is a great way to make an extra seating area.


If you're feeling unsure or would like help on your next rug purchase, Weego Home is here for advice and recommendations.  Feel free to call, email or come on by our Santa Monica location. 


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